Welcome London – “The Global City”

London is one of the most exciting capitals in the world. It is vibrant with a great history, heritage and culture. Its buildings date back over 900 years with ceremonies and art treasures centuries old. It has architectural marvels and rich ceremonies such as the London Carnival, Changing the Guard and Trooping the Colour. Historic places include the Buckingham Palace, Hampton Court, the Tower of London. the Tate and the National Gallery. Modern attractions include the virtual reality of Sega world and the Commonwealth Experience to the new Aquarium and the BBC Visitor Centre. London is a city that constantly looks to thefuture. There is far more to London than you know.

All the great landmarks are reachable by tube or bus. To help you make the most of London, underground maps and free central bus maps are available. A close-up view of London’s many festivities is a great way to get a feel for the city. Whether it is trooping the Colour for the Queen’s birthday, watching the Changing the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace, lapping up the Oxford-Cambridge Boat race, lining the streets for the Lord Mayor’s parade, the London Marathon or entering into the Caribbean spirit of the Notting Hill Carnival, … they are all free.

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