General Courses

General English Course

GCLC’s General English course is available at all levels whether it’s for study, travel, work or just for pleasure. You will quickly and efficiently learn and develop the key communication skills of listening, reading, writing, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. The lessons are designed to give you a firm grounding in General English that will boost your confidence and English abilities. The focus is to equip you with what is necessary for professional English communication. It leads to a “Certificate of Achievement” that sets the tone for your next learning agenda.

Course-related services

Our learners can take advantage of the following additional services which is also available to anyone with an interest in UK qualifications.

  • PersonalDevelopmentandLeadershipprogramme
  • Level 7/Masters Top-up Programme Service
  • InternshipandCollaboration Programme
  • University Referral and Access Facilitation Service

Overview of Course-related services

Personal Development and Leadership programme

The focus of this service is to provide a tailored development service that is specific to individual needs. In so doing learners are able to develop a range of well-sought-after leadership qualities that would enhance their career opportunities. Another aspect of this service focuses on CPD (Continuous Professional Development) in specific fields.

Level 7/Masters Top-up Programme Service

GCLC is able to support suitable students to access university programmes in order to further their course. For e.g. after completing a PgD course, you may gain GCLC’s support with accessing an MSc course admission at a UK university.

Internship and Collaborations Programme

GCLC is building collaboration arrangement with suitable employers, trainers and practitioners to support relevant students with gaining practical experience. This means, depending on the learning objectives of your course, you could get an opportunity to gain vital work experience that would help enhance your overall UK experience.

University Referral and Access Facilitation Service

Regardless of your field of study, GCLC could refer you to a suitable UK university for the furtherance of your academic career. Foreign students would often be required to have a good IELTS score along with good academic grades.


Complete our referral application form GCLC will check your suitability and advise you if you are suitable or if we are able to help.
Send us your credentials We may discuss your interest with the relevant UK university at this stage.
Make payment of the administration fee You only pay the administration fee if we inform you that we can facilitate your cause/access to your target university. We will send you an email or inform you by phone
Make full payment of course fee GCLC will arrange for your CAS letter to be issued to you by your target UK University. We will only ask you to make the full payment when we have received confirmation you’re your target university of your conditional admission.

NOTE: GCLC does not use agents to collect payments. All payments must be made directly to the designated bank about