Sport at CGLC

Sharing the College’s street are 3 new gym centres offering a wide range of activities including boxing, running, cycling and yoga. “Really friendly staff! Open 24 hours which is very convenient. Lots of free weights of a range of sizes so you won’t be standing around waiting to use them”. There are several other gyms […]

Job reference

At GCLC, we are passionate about helping you to get into employment as soon as possible. We start by ensuring that your course content is responsive to what employers need. But we go further. We are constantly seeking to broaden our collaboration arrangements with employers and recruitment agencies to ensure that we can support you […]

Interview Strategy Workshop

Interview Strategy Workshop This is a one-day intensive event that covers everything you need to get you through your interview successfully. The following topics are covered: How to do/complete a short-listable application Interview skills (do’s and don’ts) How to develop interview questions and answers before the interview How to answer difficult interview questions Potential interview […]

Professional Certificate in Social Care, Substance Misuse and Disability Management (PCSSDM)

This course is for you if you wish to enter into employment working with vulnerable people whose care needs relates to Substance Misuse, Disability or Learning Difficulties. There is a wide range of areas you would be able to work including those within community-based care and support projects; Homelessness projects (including day centres and supported […]

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Professional Certificate in Housing and Supported Housing Management (PCHSHM)

This course is for you if you wish to commence or advance with a career in Housing or supported Housing. Target job roles include Housing Officer; Supported Housing Officer; Special Need Support Worker; Resettlement Officer; Tenancy Sustainment Officer; Rent Officer; Estate Management Officer and Sheltered Housing Warden/Officer. The list of jobs in this field is […]