Public Engagement

At Global City London College, we believe in working with others and supporting others for a common good. We collaborate with our strategic corporate partners (SCP) by sharing ideas, organizing events and by raising awareness. We are open to working with all organizations that share our values.

We are committed to supporting Charity organisations and local authorities providing services for people in need with our service. Equally, we are committed to supporting service users of care and support services who are seeking meaningful occupation through gaining qualifications or through knowledge and skills acquisition.


East London Sub-Regional Development Framework

The Mayor has prepared a Sub-Regional Development Framework (SRDF) covering the East London sub-region and encapsulating Aldgate where GCLC is located. This is made up of the 10 councils including Tower Hamlets. The purpose of this SRDF is to provide guidance on the implementation of policies in the London Plan 2004 in order to help deliver a sustainable and prosperous future for the sub-region. GCLC is teaming up with businesses within the Aldgate East area to help in the sustainability agenda. Under our scheme, charitable organisations which provide for vulnerable people may receive scholarships for training in vital areas such as First Aid, Confidence building, Support Management and Rent Management. Venerable people using such services may also access free training in areas such as Job Searching, CV preparation and Stress Management


It’s all happening in our backyard

Each year, hundreds of major activities take place in our backyard keeping our community very vibrant

The Scoop and Hay’s Galleria. London Bridge City
Summer by the River