University Referral and Access Facilitation Service

Why use individual agents in your UK university application when you can use GCLC’s University URAF service? You can be assured of absolute reliability and transparency. Your money is secured and if you fail to get your CAS letter from your target university, you get your money back.

Regardless of your field of study, GCLC could refer you to a suitable UK university for the furtherance of your academic career. Foreign students would often be required to have a good IELTS score along with good academic grades.



Complete our referral application form GCLC will check your suitability and advise you if you are suitable or if we are able to help.
Send us your credentials We may discuss your interest with the relevant UK university at this stage.
Make payment of the administration fee You only pay the administration fee if we inform you that we can facilitate your cause/access to your target university. We will send you an email or inform you by phone
Make full payment of course fee GCLC will arrange for your CAS letter to be issued to you by your target UK University. We will only ask you to make the full payment when we have received confirmation you’re your target university of your conditional admission.

NOTE: GCLC does not use agents to collect payments. All payments must be made directly to the designated bank about