Our Values

Our core values support our vision, shape our culture and reflect what we deem valuable and important.  They identify us in terms of our principles, beliefs, philosophy and priorities. Our values hold the story of our success and command for us the respect and recognition we enjoy from partners, students and collaborators from across the world

Our values …….

  • Helps us in our decision-making processes;
  • Informs clients and potential customers about what we are about and clarify our identity as the company;
  • Helps GCLC to be more competitive  by helping to differentiate our brand; and
  • Serves as primary recruiting and retention tool as good talents out there are able to easily align with what we stand for.


Our Values are important to us

  • AMBITION: Tackling all our endeavours with drive, determination, and passion
  • COLLABORATION: Working harmoniously together with others for a greater collective achievement
  • GENUINE: Undertaking all our activities openly, honestly, sincerely and authentically
  • RESPONSIBLE: We do what is expected of us and we make ourselves accountable
  • ACCOUNTABLE: We take responsibility for the consequences of what we do or fail to do
  • RELIABLE: Being consistent, dependable and trustworthy in all we do
  • PROGRESSIVE: Being open-minded, organic and seeking growth in our business
  • HONESTY: Doing the right things the right ways always

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