Why study at GCLC

Welcome to GCLC

From here in London we serve the world in collaboration with top-class UK-based accreditation bodies. We offer job-focused short intensive courses and regular NQF-based courses covering a broad range of subjects.

We are more than a college: We have Corporate development programmes designed to match organisational needs and if you do need to gain a university admission in the UK, we can help. At GCLC, we are driven by values such as Honesty; Reliable; and Accountable. Meaning we put you at the centre of what we do, and we strive towards perfection with every

Transparent business means growing through collaboration. We welcome businesses (governments, charities, colleges, private) all over the world

GCLC Is More Than A College

Customer care standards at the heart of what we do. To us, every learner is unique and deserves to be successful.

We offer some unique courses. Our job-focuses course for instance, is heavy on “what it takes to get the job” rather than theories, concepts and history. The courses are designed to get you into employment as soon as possible and covers extensive number of scenarios, and interview questions and answers.

We collaborate with UK accreditation bodies to take our academic programmes to learners across the globe. This would be strengthened further with the launching of our online and blended learning programmes.

We are continuing to build networks with other higher educational institutions across the globe

We offer customer leadership development programmes in the form of seminars and workshops for corporate bodies and communities. This may involve tailored-made themed programmes such “HIV and Venereal Diseases” and “BIM (Building Information Modelling)”.

We are developing agency network with UK universities to facilitate university admissions for those seeking to study in UK universities. GCLC is seeking to act as a student recruitment agent.

A global reputation for excellence

GCLC is increasingly gaining respect and attention from the employer community around the world. this means a GCLC image on your CV will set you apart.

Teaching delivered by academic experts

In line with the High-British-Educational standards, GCLC prideson working with a pool of respected academic experts whose opinions help to shape society and influence policies in their fields. All members of our academic team are approved by our accreditation bodies.

International and cosmopolitan environment

GCLC students come from all over the world so there is always an international feel to the student mix.The cultural blend offers several opportunities to mingle, learn, befriend and share.

Perfect location

We are some 5minutes away from Central London location by tube or by bus with a very rich transportation network. We are also 3minutes walk from the London Metropolitan University campus. This university is one of GCLC’s target for accessing top-up academic programmes for its students.

Listening Management team

“Listening” is one of our key values. The GCLC’s “You Said,We Did” agenda is heavily supported by its senior management team. This is driving quality and continuous improvement in our client relations.

We are growing

Because we are doing things right and doing the right things, we are growing by image, status, influence and physical presence. We are attracting academic and partners from all over the world.

Global City of London College

A growing college with a dedicated attention to the promotion of qualitythrough resourceful collaboration activities, working with UK business and educational standards, valuing our customers and pursing good social and business ethics. Success is not all about persistence, but also integrity, which to us is about doing the right thing even when no one is looking

Reasons Why You’ll Love GCLC

We value our learners – YOU ARE OUR FUTURE

We are dedicated to your success

Unique courses/ academic programmes

Strong Customer care – WE LISTEN, WE ACT, WE GROW

UK accredited courses

We are more than a college